Making Funny Work

It’s not a given, public radio and comedy. Serious, newsy, public service-y, yes. Hilarious… not so much. Fortunately, a guy who knows funny — PJ Vogt, co-host of Gimlet’s “Reply All” — has come to the rescue. Over at Transom, he offers a lesson in fractional humor techniques that can help your work in surprising[…..]

New Workshop Stories

Our Spring 2015 Transom Story Workshop students have come and gone, but have left behind an impressive batch of new stories and a fantastic class photo, inspired by the iconic 1952 3-D glasses photo from LIFE Magazine. Executive Director Jay Allison describes the stories as “an incredibly vibrant collection… All the best stories create images—unique,[…..]

Edible Gastropods

Lettuce Varieties

How to Grow Perfect Leeks

This week on the Local Food Report, Elspeth Hay talks with Peter Fossel of Swan River Farm in Dennisport about how to grow leeks with long, white stems.